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Q: My boyfriend and I had sex yesterday and he came inside me , but he said he came inside me just a little bit ? So I think that’s then pre come ? I don’t know ! Anyways cN I get pregneat

If you are not using a hormonal method of birth control, pregnancy is possible. We would recommend that you use Plan B within 72 hours of the unprotected sex.  If he said he ejaculated a little bit inside of you, that is not the same thing as pre-seminal fluid or pre-cum.  Pre-seminal fluid may or may not contain sperm; it leaks out of the penis prior to ejaculation.  Semen (the fluid that comes out of the penis during ejaculation or when a guy cums) definitely contains sperm (unless the individual is sterile). Please call one of our offices for an appointment for Plan B.  We can also talk with you about your birth control options. We will be able to see you the same day.

Q: I was suppose to start a new pack of birth control yesterday at 9pm, I ended up not being able to get it until tomorrow and my boyfriend and I has unprotected sex yesterday and he finished inside. should I take plan b or just start my new pack of birth control tomorrow?

Take Plan B as soon as possible. When you are able to get your new pack of pills, take two pills a day until you are caught up.  Then resume the one pill daily schedule. Nausea is a possibility since you will be getting a large dose of hormones.  Do not take any of your pills on an empty stomach.  Since you are two days late with your regular birth control pills, use a back-up method (like condoms) in addition to the pill or abstain from sexual intercourse for the next two weeks.  Your next period may come earlier than usual, later than usual or it may be spotty. If you miss your next period, take a pregnancy test.  Repeat the pregnancy test every two weeks until you either get your period or have a positive result.  Good luck.

Q: About a week into my 26 day cycle we had a condom failure after he had already finished. The condom had slipped off and was hard to reach and I’m pretty sure there was leakage. It was an n9 condom and I don’t know if that’s enough to protect against pregnancy. If I’m expected to ovulate 3-5 days after this happened, what are the chances of pregnancy occurring?

The non-oxynol 9 in the condom would provide some protection against pregnancy, but we would recommend that you use Plan B as soon as possible to reduce your risk even further (provided you are not using a hormonal method of birth control like the pill or the shot). Plan B consists of one dose of levonorgestrel (a type of hormone that is used in regular birth control pills), is extremely safe to use, and can be taken up to 72 hours after contraceptive failure or unprotected sex to reduce the risk of pregnancy.  The sooner you take it, the better it works.  According to the manufacturer, approximately 7 out of 8 women who would have gotten pregnant will not become pregnant after taking Plan B.  If you are 17 or older, Plan B is available over the counter at most drug stores for about $50-$60.  Call the drug store ahead of time to make sure they have it in stock.  If you are under age 17, Plan B is only available by prescription in drug stores.  Females of any age can receive Plan B at Family Planning Plus.  If you are under 18 years old, are income eligible, or have ACCESS, there is no cost for Plan B at Family Planning.  There is a sliding fee scale for anyone over 17.  We do take walk-ins for Plan B because of the time constraint.  However, please call our office beforehand to make sure that we are open.

Q: I had unprotected sex one night we used the pullout method but he did come in me right before he pulled out . I got scared decided to take ordinary birth control that night and continued to take it for 6 more nights . I stopped taking them cause I had pains in my lower stomach but will it still prevent a pregnancy ? Doctor told me ordinary birth control doesn’t work like a Plan B One-step but it was an emergency

Your doctor is correct.  Taking just one birth control pill daily for seven days does not build up enough hormones in your system fast enough to prevent pregnancy at the time that you needed it (just before and for a few days after you took your first pill). In the future, use Plan B after unprotected sex.  Plan B contains a much larger dose of hormones than do ordinary birth control pills.   It works best when it is used within the first 24 hours after the unprotected sex, but it can be used up to 72 hours after sex.  Better yet – restart the pill or use another reliable method of birth control so there is no need for Plan B. Do not continue to rely on withdrawal only.  Hopefully, the unprotected intercourse will not result in a pregnancy.  However, if you miss your next period, be sure to take a pregnancy test.

Q: I had sex with my girlfriend while she is on the depo shot ad I didt wear a condom what are the odds of her getting pregnant if we had sex 5 times

Depo-Provera begins working 24 hours after the first injection and continues to work as long as injections are given every 10-13 weeks.  It is a very effective method of birth control.  According to Contraceptive Technology, only three out of 1000 women who receive their shots on time become pregnant during the first year of use.  As long as the first sexual intercourse occurred more than 24 hours after her first injection and as long as your girlfriend is getting her shots on time, there is very little risk of pregnancy.

Q: On the second day of nonactive birth control (will be in a few hours.) My boyfriend’s condom broke about half an hour ago. Can i still get pregnant? What should i do?

As long as you’ve been taking your pills as directed (at the same time everyday) and as long as you have not missed any active pills or taken any late, there is no need to do anything differently.  Just be sure to start your new pack of pills on time.  Even though you are on your inactive pills, you are still protected from pregnancy by the pill.  The hormones in the active pills are still working during your inactive pills.

Q: If I am trying to get pregnant and I have intercourse while I’m on my period and I put a tampon in right after cod thatlower my chances of getting pregnant in any way?

No, it will not lower your chances of becoming pregnant.  It is unlikely, however, that you would become pregnant from intercourse during your period, with or without using tampons. If you are trying to become pregnant, the best time to have intercourse is about two weeks prior to the beginning of your period or about one week after the end of your period.

Q: If your pregnate and taking birth control and hve sex what happens ?

First of all, if you know you are pregnant, you should not be using a hormonal method of birth control.  You don’t want to expose the fetus to any medications that are not necessary.

However, women who get pregnant while using a hormonal method need not be too alarmed. There’s very little evidence  indicating that contraceptive hormone use during pregnancy will harm the baby in any way.  According to the Mayo Clinic, “A 2009 study suggested an association between the use of birth control pills during the time of conception and an increased risk of low birth weight or preterm delivery. Also, older research suggested that use of certain birth control pills during pregnancy could pose a risk of developmental problems with a female baby’s sexual organs — such as enlargement of the clitoris. Generally, however, these concerns haven’t been observed in clinical experience.”  That being said, women who are using hormones when they learn they are pregnant should stop using them right away.

Regarding sexual activity, a woman with a normal pregnancy can continue to have sexual intercourse up until delivery time.  Pregnant women with specific medical problems such as bleeding, placenta praevia, or a history of miscarriages should check with their prenatal care provider to see if there are any restrictions on their sexual behavior.

Q: I stop taking birth control two months ago and I had my period a week and half before thanksgiving. The ex boyfriend and I had sex that whole entire weekend and we used the pull out method. My period is really late and I have a lot of cramping and back pain but no period. Food taste gross to me and I have white discharge. Could I be pregnant?

Yes, pregnancy is a possibility.  Withdrawal (the pull out method) is not a reliable method of birth control since pre-seminal fluid can contain sperm. Since it has been more than a month since your last period, take a pregnancy test.  If the results are negative, we would encourage you to see a medical provider to see why you are experiencing the back pain and cramping which can be caused by a number of different things. If you do not wish to be pregnant, either abstain from sexual intercourse or use condoms. Of course, if the results are positive, you should see a prenatal care provider right away if you plan to continue the pregnancy.  Good luck.

Q: i just wonderinq how lonq it takes for trich infection to eveutually ware off. after i took antibiotics…its been about 2 weeks in a half and still feelinq symptoms.. and another queston can the dischange from this infection reinfect me by any chance???… is it possible that the antibiotics didnt work and i need to get some more or shud i wait

If you’re still having symptoms, you need to be re-evaluated by a medical professional.  It’s possible that your trich infection may not be resolved and you need another course of treatment.  The only way to be reinfected with trich is if you were exposed to the infection again through sexual contact with an infected partner. There is another possibility though. Sometimes, the antibiotic used for trich can cause a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis (BV).  Both of these infections can cause symptoms that are similar to the symptoms caused by trich, and both infections can be treated with medication. Call one of our offices for an infection check appointment.

Q: I had my period on nov 22 to 27, had unprotected sex on dec 1 according to a calculator I was fertile :/. He did not come, he pulled out, I took plan b with in 6 hrs. On the 14th I started bleeding which lasted for 4 days, bleeding after plan b is suppose to be considered a period. It was my first time using plan b, yesterday I took a pregnancy test it was negative. Since I was fertile what are the chances that the test is accurate and that plan b worked? Also ive gotten white/clear discharge like normal after my period when I bled after plan b, I dont feel any pregnancy symptoms. Should I take another test or am I okay?

Fertility cannot be accurately calculated unless you’ve been checking your basal body temperature and your cervical mucus on a daily basis and charting the results for an extended period.  Not everyone ovulates on day 14 of the menstrual cycle, counting from the first day of their menstrual period.  Although most women ovulate anywhere between Day 11 – Day 21 of their cycle, not all women do.  Therefore, you may or may not have been fertile at the time of the incident.

Secondly, he did not ejaculate inside of you and you used Plan B within 6 hours of the incident.  Third, you are not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms and the test you took was negative.  Your risk of pregnancy is extremely low, and I wouldn’t worry about taking another pregnancy test unless you skip your next period.

It would be good to seriously consider a more reliable method of birth control so you don’t need to worry so much again.  If you are interested in trying a hormonal method, please call one of our offices and make an appointment.  We can give you information about all of your contraceptive options.

Q: I have been on birth control for about five years now and I have been very consistent with taking them. My boyfriend and I had sex thursday night and he finished inside of me. I forgot to take my pill that night and I took my pill the next day at the regular time and then tonight, saturday, I took two pills because i realized i was behind. I was also not ovulating. Could I be pregnant?

Even when using the birth control pill perfectly, there is still a slight risk of pregnancy.  Since you took two pills late, there is a greater risk that you may have ovulated and therefore, a greater risk of pregnancy.  However, the risk is still small. In the future, if you miss a pill, take it as soon as you remember and then take the next pill at the regular time.  If you don’t realized you’ve missed a pill until you’re ready to take your next pill, take two at that time.  On Friday, you should have taken Thursday’s and Friday’s pills at the same time.  Instead, you took Thursday’s pill on Friday, and then took both Friday’s and Saturday’s pills on Saturday.  It could be worse though.  You might have missed two pills in a row which would have increased the likelihood of ovulation or you might not have made up your pills at all.  Continue to take your pills.  Be sure to take them on time for the remainder of the pack.  You may experience some breakthrough bleeding or spotting due to an interruption in the hormone level caused by the missed pill on Thursday.  This is normal.  Certainly, if you miss your next period, take a pregnancy test just to make sure you are not pregnant.  But again, from what you described, your risk of pregnancy is low. Good luck.

Q: I’ve been on the depo shot for over a year now. I had abnormal bleeding at first due to the side effects of it, which I know is normal. For about the past six months or so, I have no longer received a period. A couple months ago I found out that I have HPV. I had a colposcopy. All of my results came back negative but I now go every 6 months to get a pap just to check everything. I just recently started having sex with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago. Last week we had sex multiple times and it was a bit rough. It started to become painful for me and I started to have light bleeding. It’s been about three days since we last had sex and now I am bleeding more heavily. Not quite as much as a normal period, but close. I’m worried because I have not had a period in months because of being on the depo shot so this is not normal for me. Is this bleeding something I should be worried about and have checked out, or is more just because we had rough sex?

Irregular bleeding and spotting can occur while receiving the DepoProvera injection, but this is most likely to occur within the first several months and should resolve after 1 year of therapy. Painful intercourse and bleeding that progressively becomes heavier after intercourse is not a result of the Depo injection, HPV infection or colposcopy. These symptoms may be signs of  a vaginal infection such as yeast, bacterial vaginosis or chlamydia. Please schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider for an infection check.

Q: I’ve been taking birthcontrol regularly for 4 years. I had unprotected sex last night and started antibiotics this morning. Will my birthcontrol still be effective or should I be considering Plan B?

Yes, your birth control pills will still be active. The antibiotic has not been in your body long enough to alter the effectiveness of your birth control. However, remember to either abstain from intercourse or use a back up method, like a condom, for the remainder of the time you are on the antibiotics and for 7 days after the completion of the antibiotic.

Q: does ortho tryclen lo have a lower dosage which means less mood swings and less weight gain or would it be the same?

OrthoTriCyclen-Lo does contain lower doses of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, so, theorectically, side effects such as weight gain and mood swings should be decreased. However, many recent studies show that birth control pills in general do not cause women to gain weight. While many women do seem to gain weight while on oral contraceptives, researchers think that other factors are to blame (decreased activity, increased calorie intake, poor diet).

As far as mood swings…many oral contraceptives can cause mood swings. These may be temporary, especially if you just started the pill. Your body needs time to adjust to the hormone shifts that occur when starting oral contraceptives, and the moodiness will resolve after a month or two. However, if the moodiness continues and cannot be contributed to any major life change, speak to your healthcare provider. A change in pills may be necessary.

Q: Can alcohol decrease the effectiveness of birth control (depo shot)?

No, alcohol does not decrease the effectiveness of the Depo-Provera injection. However, alcohol use does affect your perceptions, judgement and decision making skills. Those people, especially teens, who drink alcohol are more likely to participate in sexually risky behaviors. People under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) may not be thinking clearly about the consequences of sexual activity, especially if its unprotected sex: pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, to name a few. Several studies have shown a coorelation between alcohol use and regretted sexual activity. Being drunk or high also makes one more vulnerable, increasing the chances of sexual assault.

So, although alcohol use won’t affect the effectiveness of birth control, alcohol use does have an impact on sexual activity and health. If you have any further questions or concern, please call one of our clinics for free information.

Q: It’s embarrassing to say anything about but after I have sex, it burns to go to the bathroom and now I’ve been itchy of a few days. Do you have any idea why this might be?

You probably have some type of infection.  Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (BV) are very common and can cause these types of symptoms.  Both of these infections are not sexually transmitted.  However, the symptoms you described can also be caused by a sexually transmitted infection.  If you have an STD, treatment is essential.  Call one of our offices for a free STD screening.  At your free visit, we can also check under the microscope for yeast and BV.  If we find an infection, we can prescribe the appropriate medication for you.

Q: I been taking microgestin birth control pills for a month and a half now. Me and my boyfriend had sex on December 19th and the condom had slipped off at the end. I seen his cum on my thighs and my bed. Also the condom was on my vagina. But on December 23rd I’ve been feeling tired, i feel like throwing up at times, and today my boobs hurts. Could i be pregnant?

You may simply be having some pre-menstrual symptoms and will soon get your period.  Also, it usually takes longer than four days after a possible conception for pregnancy symptoms to show up.  If you are taking your pills at the same time everyday and have not missed any pills, pregnancy is unlikely.  However, according to studies, even when used perfectly, three women out of 1000 can still become pregnant during their first year of pill use.  The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. If you miss your period, call one of our offices for a pregnancy test appointment.

Q: My girlfriend has been vomiting every morning for the past month, she’s on birth control that causes her to only have a period twice a year if I recall correctly. Could she be pregnant?

It’s possible.  Even when birth control is used correctly and consistently, it can fail.  Purchase an over-the counter pregancy test and follow the directions precisely.  Have your girlfriend use first morning urine as it is more concentrated.  However, your girlfriend should see a doctor immediately if she is vomiting that often.  The vomiting may be due to the method she is using or it may be an unrelated medical problem.  In any case, she needs to be evaluated by a medical professional right away.

Q: I am 15 and i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he pre cum in me and after i used the restroom i was bleeding and it was a couple of weeks before i had my period and the 5th day since we had sex i been really tired and hungry can i be pregnant?

Anytime semen or pre-seminal fluid enters the vagina, pregnancy is possible.  The bleeding you mentioned was most likely caused by vaginal irritation from the intercourse.  However, some women do have a little bleeding around the time of ovulation, which would have been the worst time to have unprotected sex.  If you are not using any type of hormonal birth control (the pill, patch, ring, shot, implant or Mirena IUD), we would have recommended that you use Plan B.  Plan B is a pill that can be used after unprotected sex to decrease the risk of pregnancy.  However, Plan B should be used within 72 hours of the unprotected sex.  Since you are beyond the 72 hour period, we would advise you to wait and see if you get your next period.  If you miss your period, take an over-the-counter pregnancy test.  Use first morning urine since it is more concentrated and follow the directions precisely.  In the meantime, avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs in case you are pregnant.  Also, please use condoms and a reliable method of birth control to avoid a future pregnancy.  Feel free to call one of our offices for more information about your contraceptive options

Q: i missed my period and took pregnancy test and there were all negative. i got tested for stds and i have chylmedia. is there still a possibility that i could be pregnant?

Urine pregnancy tests check for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone the placenta releases after conception. Most over-the counter pregnancy tests are quite accurate, and will detect hCG after a missed period.  Therefore, it is unlikely you are pregnant.  However, some individuals do have extremely low hCG levels during the first month or so of their pregnancy. You may even have had a faulty or expired test.  To rule out pregnancy for sure, contact your medical care provider and request  a blood test for pregnancy.  If you have no medical insurance, try repeating the urine test in a few weeks.   To decrease the risk of a false negative, use the test as soon as you wake up – your urine will be more concentrated at this time since it’s been collecting in your bladder all night long.  In the meantime, please use condoms and a reliable method of birth control for each and every act of sexual intercourse.  Since you have chlamydia, it would not be a good time to become pregnant as you can pass the infection to the baby.  Correct and consistent use of condoms will help to protect you from both pregnancy and future STD infections.

Q: I had sex during the fourth day of my period. I then noticed that the condom had slipped off he hadn’t ejaculated yet. My question is could I get pregnant or is the plan B pill recommended at this point?b

Pregnancy is always a possibility when two people engage in intercourse.  However, if the intercourse occurred during your period, pregnancy is highly unlikely.  Are you currently on any type of hormonal birth control (pill, patch, ring, shot, implant, Mirena IUD)?  If you are, and you are using your method as directed, Plan B would not be recommended.  If you are not using contraception, contact your regular medical care provider for his or her recommendation.

Q: I’m on the pill. I have been on the pill for about 3 years. I was a week into my new pack when my boyfriend ejaculated inside of me. The next day I have yellowish discharge and little cramps here and there.

Your discharge and slight cramping could be normal.  However, you might also have an infection.  Please call one of our offices for free STD testing and an infection check.

Q: I was just found out that my boyfriend that cheated on me with a girl that has herpes if I go today to the er I got my period can I still.get tested

You can request a type-specific blood test for herpes in which case it wouldn’t matter if you had your menstrual cycle.  However, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months for antibodies to develop after infection.  If it has been more than three months since you last had sexual contact with your partner, the test would be accurate.  However, if you were recently infected, it might not show up on your blood test since the test looks for antibodies that are specific to either type of herpes (type 1 or type 2).  If you have no medical insurance, call our Lewisburg office for the test.  We offer it for only $60, a real bargain thanks to a special contract with a private lab.  If you have medical insurance, have your regular medical care provider order the test for you.  For more information about genital herpes, please read the answer to the question that begins “If someone has a cold sore…” further down on this page.

Q: Last night i had sex with my girlfriend and the condom broke. I’m pretty sure some semen leaked inside of her. She is on birth control and takes it regularly without missing any o the pills. Should she take the morning after pill? She mentioned something about there being a certain period of time throught out the pill cycle where you should not have unprotected sex, because you fun the risk of getting pregnant… is that true? And if so, what is that timeframe? Thank you.

If your girlfriend was on the pill for at least one full week before the encounter occurred and as long as she has not missed any of her pills, there is no need to take Plan B.  It will probably just make her nauseous (since she will be overloading her system with hormones) and cause her next period to be irregular.  The pill is close to 99% effective with perfect use (provided she is taking her pills at the same time every single day and as long as she is not using any medication that would lower the pill’s effectiveness). 

A woman is most fertile around the time of ovulation.  Ovulation typically occurs about two weeks prior to the beginning of the menstrual period.  A woman’s monthly cycle is measured from the first day of her menstrual period (Day 1) until the first day of her next period. On average, a woman’s cycle normally is between 28-32 days, but some women may have shorter or longer cycles.  Each woman is different.  Most women ovulate anywhere between Day 11 – Day 21 of their cycle, counting from the first day of the LMP.  This is what many refer to as the “fertile time” of a woman’s cycle, because sexual intercourse during this time increases the chance of pregnancy.   There are tools available to chart the time of ovulation.  Google CM-BBT.

Q: He wore a condom, and pulled out. 28 hours later i took the plan b pill. Could i be pregnant?

If the condom did not break and if he withdrew his penis prior to ejaculation, we would not even have recommended use of Plan B.  It is highly unlikely that a pregnancy could have resulted from the situation you described.  However, there is always a chance when two people engage in intercourse even when using multiple methods (for example, the condom could have been defective, the pre-ejaculate could have contained sperm, and you may have ovulated before Plan B use).  However, the chance of all three of these things occurring simultaneously is very, very slim.

Q: Do you offer prenatal (pregnant mother medical care)?

No.  We do provide prenatal care.  However, we can perform a urine pregnancy test and provide you with  confirmation of pregnancy which is needed if you want to apply for medical assistance. If you are seeking prenatal care, please contact us and we will be glad to provide a referral.

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