I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for about six months, and then switched to Aviane for the last two (this month included). I haven’t had any problems until now. My first period while on Aviane was totally normal. This month, it was slightly late (not even a full day, but obviously late), and it’s extremely light, and seems to be “drier” and very dark brown. There is some regular bleeding, but it is very minimal, and even on what used to be my heaviest days, one pad is way more than enough. My boyfriend and I had sex multiple times this month, as usual, but the only difference is, he didn’t pull out a few times. What’s going on with my period? Could I be pregnant?

22. August 2012


Pregnancy is highly unlikely as long as you have been taking your pill as directed. However, no birth control method is 100% effective. There is always a slight risk of pregnancy (less than 1%) if you are using your birth control pill perfectly. The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. If you are worried about the possibility of being pregnant, call your medical care provider for a pregnancy test.

Menstrual irregularities at any time during the first three months of a new pill are very common when switching pill brands. Tri-Cyclen and Aviane have slightly different levels of hormones. After you have used your new pill three to six months, your periods should become more regular. You may have more or less bleeding and more or fewer days of bleeding with this new pill than you did with Tri-Cyclen. If your periods do not become regulated by the sixth month or if you are dissatisfied with the side effects of this new pill, contact the medical provider who prescribed your pill to discuss your options.

If you have no bleeding at all during the inactive pills of your third Aviane pack (the last week), take a pregnancy test. Do not stop taking your pill unless you test positive for pregnancy.

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