My husband and I had sex on the 3rd day of my period. However, I took an emergency contraceptive pill the next day (within 36 hours of our unprotected sex). Now almost 2 weeks later, I’ve noticed “spotting” of brown-colored blood (just like stains) without any of the usual discomfort related with period. Am I pregnant? I’m freaking out here, as we are not ready to have a baby yet.

22. August 2012


Since the sex occurred during your regular period and you used emergency contraception, pregnancy is highly unlikely. Irregular menstrual bleeding is an extremely common side effect of emergency contraceptive pills so the bleeding you are now experiencing is normal. Your next period may be a little bit early or late. It may also be spotty (meaning you may bleed for a few days, stop, and then bleed for a few days more). If you are a week or more late for your next period, take a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. If it is negative, repeat the test every two weeks until you have a normal period or a positive test result.

Please remember that emergency contraception should not be used as a regular method of birth control since it is less effective than other methods. In the meantime, do not continue have unprotected sex if you are not yet ready for pregnancy. If you live near one of our offices, please call us for an appointment. We can discuss all of your contraceptive options with you and help you choose a method that’s best for you. If you live further away, contact the Family Planning or Planned Parenthood office closest to you.

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