Why do teens feel they have to have sex before marriage? Is it to feel cool?

27. October 2009


Teens give a variety of reasons for having sex before marriage including curiosity, boredom, to keep a boyfriend or girlfiend, to prove their love, peer pressure, lack of self-control, or simply because it feels good. Some teens feel that premarital sex is okay as long as the people involved are in love. Other may not have a choice – they may be coerced or forced into having sex. Some individuals choose to remain single their entire lives, but still want to enjoy sexual relationships. Others may be gay or lesbian, and cannot ever legally marry in most states, including Pennsylvania. Choosing to have sex is a big step in any relationship – a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Anyone, regardless of their age, should think carefully about possible consequences and effects on the relationship before taking the plunge. In essence, it depends on personal values and circumstances. What’s right for one person may not necessarily be right for another. If you personally feel that premarital sex is wrong, then you should pay attention to those feelings, and stick to your guns. When you go against your own personal values, you cheat yourself – your self-esteem drops, and you end up feeling guilty and anxious. Live by your own values, but be tolerant of the values of others. Everyone is unique with a very personal set of feelings, experiences, thoughts, and ideas. It’s impossible to entirely understand someone else’s perspective without being able to step into their shoes and actually live their life.

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